Florida Salty Cowgirl and Blue Water Girl

Updated: Feb 3

. This is what Sisterhood fishing is all about!! I am blessed to part of a group of ladies some who I have never met but will very soon . This sailfish was caught aboard the “Gypsy Girl” with my dear sister, Angelia Coniglio Swanson and my beautiful mom, Rebecca Deyo just my first trip back on the water after my fathers unexpected passing. The Gypsy Girl had some mechanical issues prior and I went on a seatrial to make sure all was well with the little Yanmar. It was such a beautiful morning, the tide was low and the skies were foggy. As I came out of the channel, I could see fog moving in over the island but knew the visibility at the reef would be good. The Atlantic Ocean was the slickest I have ever witnessed as the Gamefisherman cut it like butter and we rolled out a little past the reef. It was early morning and a slight west wind so I decided to fish two flat lines and increase my speed by a few knots with a weighted islander and a skirted rigged ballyhoo. After trolling for an hour, the Penn Senator went to screaming and the sailfish started jumping!! We landed that fish and got a nice photo and swam her back for the release. As a general rule I do not like to remove sailfish from the water for their safety but I made an exception. The Fog was very thick at this time and I decided to end the seatrial and head home. On the way, a beautiful arch appeared from the fog almost directing me safe back into the channel. I will never forget this day even if I was only out for two hours for the rest of my life. Make Memories and Make Adventures!! Many thanks to all for coming along and following my adventures!! Hope to see you on the water!! Blue Water Adventures Warbird Fishing Gear Saltwater and Bones Rodnreelgirl Women Fishing Women of the Outdoors Fishing in Florida Show PENN Fishing The Bend Atlastrax www.sisterhoodfishing.com

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